Lifestyle Replacement Lenses

Recapture the ability to focus on objects near, far, and in-between.


Traditional lenses for clear distance vision

Starting at about age 40, most people need corrective eyewear to focus on close-up tasks, such as reading, threading a needle, or tying a fishing lure. During traditional cataract surgery, the surgeon implants a single-focus lens which provides excellent distance vision. However, this single-focus lens cannot compensate for the loss of near vision. If you select a single-focus lens, you will still need glasses to improve near vision or fine-tune distance vision.


Multifocal lenses for clear vision from near to far

Fortunately, a new generation of specialty multifocal lens implants makes it possible to restore your ability to focus on things at varying distances. A multifocal lens implant (also known as intraocular lens implants) such as PanOptix® and Vivity®, may be able to reduce or eliminate dependence on reading glasses or bifocals by providing a full range of quality vision from near to far.


Toric lenses to correct astigmatism

Patients with corneal astigmatism will still experience blurred or distorted vision after cataract surgery because a traditional replacement lens cannot correct that condition. A toric replacement lens implant makes it possible to correct astigmatism and cataracts at the same time, providing quality distance vision and reducing dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses. You should expect to wear reading glasses following surgery, as a toric lens is single-focus.

Which lens is right for me?

Before making a recommendation, Dr. Wise will ask you:

  • Do you want to have clear distance vision without glasses?
  • For close-up tasks, are you interested in seeing clearly without reading glasses?
  • How important would it be for you to be free from glasses for your daily activities?
  • Would you describe yourself as easy-going or a perfectionist?

Dr. Wise will also take into consideration the health of your eyes, your individual lifestyle, and the demands of your occupation and hobbies.

Call to request your cataract consultation and discuss your options.