Eyecare Affordable Options


Dr. Wise of Wise Eye Associates believes that cost should not prevent those with deteriorating vision from experiencing LASIK and its life-changing benefits. Considering the recurrent costs of eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions and solutions, LASIK may save you money in the long run. Don’t let the daunting cost of vision correction prevent you from making that important decision to not only improve your ability to see clearly but also your confidence.

There are many ways of financing your laser eye surgery. Many employers offer flexible benefit plans that are an excellent way to allocate pre-tax income to pay for LASIK laser vision correction. Budget-friendly financing plans are also available through CareCredit, subject to approval. In addition, some insurance companies provide generous discounts on services for qualified patients. Our coordinator will be happy to provide details and help you choose the payment option that is right for you.


With fast pre-approval (usually within 30 minutes), CareCredit makes vision correction even more affordable. Take advantage of our 24 months 0% financing through CareCredit.

Many of our patients use CareCredit financing for elective treatments, such as LASIK and lifestyle lenses, but they are often used for medical procedures and out of pocket insurance expenses as well. Whatever your financing need may be, CareCredit helps make your best vision more affordable.